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Investing made easy for everyone

At Kayat, we're revolutionizing investing by making it simple, relatable, and accessible to you. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, we're here to help you navigate the stock market with confidence. Join us and become part of India's investing revolution.

Bringing Dalal Street to Main Street


Are stock markets difficult to understand? We've got you covered. Our AI Stock Cards give you clear, concise information about companies you love!

  • Learn brand strength and market presence

  • Understand Sales & Profit without the charts

  • Follow social media insights and trends


Actionable information to help you make decisions!

Stock card that describes fundamental information about an equity share to make it relatable to everyday investors
A stock card showing a summary of the equity share and a share button to send stock cards as an image through social media


Do you discuss investments with friends? We've made it easier to spread the word about companies you love!

  • Share stock cards directly with friends and family

  • Showcase your investment insights on social media

  • Learn from your network's investment choices


Make investing a social experience with your loved ones!


Is life getting in the way of your investments?Our goal-based investing adapts to your changing life situations.

  • Set and track your investment goals easily

  • Adjust your investment amount up or down anytime

  • Get real-time updates on your progress


Achieve your goals on time every time!

Goal based investing screens that let the user to allocate shares or portfolio against a goal and then track it

Our Ethos

Kayat is a movement to bring back the fundamental nature of equities which were created with the purpose of supporting companies and people chasing causes they believed in. People understand brands but investing is inaccessible to most people because of high barriers in knowledge, awareness and affordability. Kayat wants to empower every Indian to support the brands they love with confidence without the complexities of current trading apps.

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